The Pentatonic Scale

The Pentatonic Scale is the MOST important thing a guitarist can learn (along with open chords). The perfect routine for a new guitarist is to spend half of your time learning songs and the other half spent drilling these scales into your musical vocabulary. Here is a list describing the numerous reasons why scales need to be a part of every player’s daily practice routine. 

Here are the shapes tabbed out, pay close attention to the fingerings. Here is a video showing the exact way that I suggest practicing these. 

The Ship
Guitar Scales p1-06Guitar Pent Tab 1-06

The Fall
Guitar Scales p2-06

Guitar Pent Tab 2-06

The Lift
Guitar Scales p3-06

Guitar Pent Tab 3-06

The Switch
Guitar Scales p4-06

Guitar Pent Tab 4-06

The Bend
Guitar Scales p5-06

Guitar Pent Tab 5-06

We then arrive back at The Ship
Guitar Scales p6-06

Guitar Pent Tab 6-06

And here is the “open position”, something I would suggest practicing after you have fully memorized the five shapes above:

Guitar Scales Pent 0-06

Guitar Pent Tab 0-06







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