The Chromatic Scale

The Chromatic Scale

The Chromatic Scale = every possible note, played consecutively

I can already hear some of you asking: “this scale seems pointless, why should I learn it?

  • Many of all the all-time great guitar players use this scale pattern to warm up their fingers and coordination before practice/gigs.
  • Since the scale is so easy on your mind, it is great for focusing on speed-bursts or picking techniques: like alternate picking or using a downstroke each time you switch strings.
  • For beginners, it is going to help you build muscle memory and make you better at moving between strings.
  • There are many other patterns for playing this scale. Try to find them yourself over the guitar neck and it will be a great learning exercise.
  • The Chromatic Scale actually has a lot of great practical uses but that would need to be covered in another lesson. Take my word for it, the first four bullet-points I listed should be enough reason to learn it until then.

And here is the tablature for the pattern:

Guitar Scales Chromatic-06

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