The Great Guitar Techniques List

The Great Guitar Techniques List

Draw inspiration from this healthy mix of different amazing things about your guitar!



Alternate Tunings with Dave Doll (5:25)

Animal Sounds with Davidlap D (1:24)

Arpeggios with Justin Guitar (14:31)

(Arpeggio) Rolls with Peter Vogl (3:22)

10 Basic Lead Guitar Moves
with Jim Bowley (6:33)

(combining hammer-ons, pull-offs, trills, bending, finger rolls)
Trills with Howcast (1:02)

Bass-String Techniques
Alternating Bass with Orville Johnson (14:49)

Walking Bass with ZamarGeetar (4:24)

Capo Pro-tips with Dave Doll (5:48)

Chordal Muscle Memory Builder with Jody Fisher(5:13)

Classical Guitar Techniques
Baroque Ornamentation with Scott Morris (18:45)

Counterpoint with Ben Levin (5:07)

Double Stops with Redd Volkaert (3:45)

How a Talk Box Works with Raven Cliff (2:30)

Electric Guitar (only)
Divebombs with Tazzlyn (5:19)

Floyd Rose tricks & ideas with Aaron Mifsud (2:49)
Pick Scrape with Neal Walter (3:10)
Volume Swells with Mike (3:28)
Whammy Bar Techniques with Rob (9:08)

Eliminating Guitar String Squeak with David Youngman (6:38)

Fingerstyle (or left hand)
Beginner Fingerstyle & Intermediate Fingerstyle with me (8:34)

Clawhammer style with Steve Baughman (9:26)

Abanico with Free Flamenco Guitar Lesson… (7:18)

Alzapúa with Spanish Guitar School (3:54)
Golpe with GiveOrLooseIt (4:07)
Picado with Juanito Pascual (6:37)
Rasgueos with Jan Garcia (4:33)
Tremolo with Vahagni (4:57)

Flat Picking
Alternate Picking with Peter Vogl (5:37)

Carter Family Picking with Denny Sarokin (4:12)
Chicken Picking with Boo Reiners (3:41), with Johnny Hiland (1:12:34)
Cross Picking with Sean Ray (7:54)
Economy Picking with Dweezil Zappa (3:50)
Gypsy Picking
with Hank Marvin (3:36)

Hybrid Picking with Rob Schulman (4:09)
“Outside” and “Inside” Picking with Mark Wein (5:59)
Slide Picking with Florent Atem (3:46)
Snap Picking with Andy James (6:36)
Sweep Picking with Tazzlyn (8:49)
Travis Picking with Dan Danly (5:20), with Thom Bresh (1:06:48)
Tremolo Picking with Superstrat9999 (2:05)

African Guitar Style (not a lesson just really cool and unique) (2:46)

Bluegrass with Orville Johnson (25:21)
Bossa Nova with Gustavo Oliveira (7:50)
Chicago Blues with Mark Mamae (8:27)
Country Guitar with Kieron Bourke (6:04)
Delta Blues with Darren Watson (7:35)
Flamenco with Ben Woods (4:25)
Folk Guitar with Ben Zinn (11:17)
Funk with Marty Swartz (9:17)
Gypsy Jazz with Jeffey Paul Ross (13:27)
Hawaiian Slack-Key Guitar with Curtis Kamiya (7:22)
Heavy Metal with Simon Smith (12:40)
India Raga (Sitar-style Guitar)
with Swift Guitar Lessons (5:39)
Motown Guitar
with Ben Zinn (7:31)

Punk Guitar with Robert Bas (7:38)
R&B Guitar
with Cornell Dupree (56:53) **FIXED**

Ragtime (Blues) Guitar with Andrew Wasson (5:53)
Reggae Guitar with Tuff Lion (9:45)
Rockabilly Guitar
with Jim Weider (2:01)

Dobro Slide Guitar with Ed Dowling (2:53)

Lap Steel Guitar with Dave Anderson (4:52)

Harmonics (Natural) with Dan Epchinsky (4:13)

Harp Harmonics with Justin Guitar (9:09)
Palm Harmonics with PixxyLixxx (6:08)

Pinch (Artificial) Harmonics (squealies) with Carl Brown (8:05) *Updated*
Tap Harmonics with Carl Brown (8:22)

with Ben Higgins (3:39)

Strict Legato with Teknik Gitar (1:14)

Left Hand Muting with Dave Uhrich (4:57)

Palm Muting with Andy Collins (5:29)

Percussive Guitar
Adding Drum Beats to your playing with Skyx88 (2:03)

Slap Guitar with Guthrie Govan (3:11)
Thumping with Tosin Abasi (7:35) with Ben Eller (27:23)

Raking with Robert Renman (8:21)

Slide Guitar
Slide Guitar Basics with Jody Worrell (6:22)

Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Slide compiled by Bluesnoodler_

Staccato with Paul Gilbert (7:41)

5 Exercises to Improve Rhythm with Matt McCoy (9:38)
“Boom-Chika” Strumming with Jonathan Kehew (29:16)

Gypsy “Backbeat” Strumming with Andreas Oberg (4:04)
Palm-Mute Strumming
with CountryGuitarTeacher (4:30)

Punk Style Rhythms with youcanlearnguitar (15:44)
Reggae Style Rhythms with Steve Golding (3:09)
Scratch Rhythms with Andrew Dubrock (1:46)

Tapping with Lick Library (5:41)

2-Handed Tapping with Paul Gilbert (3:02)
8-Finger Tapping with Eric Snyder (3:45)
Atonal “Buckethead” Tapping with Retrowheels (4:55)
Glitch Tapping with Josh Martin (10:01)
Overhand Tapping with Kevin Kinnu (8:11)
Pick Tapping
with PitchfeverAcademy (3:26)

Under-Strum Tapping with Josh Martin (5:21)

“Violining” with Quist and Justin Guitar (14:57)

Warming Up
Stretching (Essential Hand Exercises) with GuitarLessons365 (9:00)
Wrist Stretches (from Aikido) with Melinda (3:32)

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How to Store and Travel with your Guitar with Dave Doll

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How to Make a Bottleneck Slide with Tony Furtado

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Whats a “Shuitar”? with Jano Wix

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