Phrasing Practice

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When you are learning how to solo on the guitar one of the most important aspects is “phrasing”. Look at the chart below and notice the bold notes that contain letters. Those are all the same notes, but starting on different strings.

I added the “Blue Note” just to add something new to the lesson. The blue note was made popular by early blue’s guitar soloist and I tend to use as a slick little bridge to the red notes on each side of it or to slide from it to the notes marked “R”.

Guitar Scales learning licks

I have labelled the notes P (pinky finger), I (index finger), and R (ring finger) because my video describes a game that I made up to get better at my phrasing.

These are the optimum fingerings for the beginning of the game and feel free to change them as you progress.

Here is the video:

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