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Hi, my name is Sean Garbelman and I am a graphic designer, studio artist, and musician. I started playing the guitar thirteen years ago at the age of 19 while in college. I changed my major to music and began studying music theory, piano, classical guitar, and jazz guitar. I played in the McDaniel College Classical Guitar Ensemble, Jazz Guitar Ensemble and the Big Band Jazz Ensemble.

I spent my summers and breaks from college working at a professional recording studio in Baltimore, Maryland. During this time I worked the register, sold instruments, taught guitar lessons, and apprenticed in the recording studio.

At 23 years old I left the US to travel and work abroad. I brought my guitar and played/learned from guitar players and musicians in over 20 European countries, finishing the trip in Brasil.

At 25 years old I moved to New York City and began playing in the underground subway system. I sang original songs while accompanying myself with guitar and harmonica throughout many stops in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

At 29 years old I left the US to travel and work abroad again. The trip lasted almost three years and I played/learned from many different amazing guitar players and musicians, particularly in Spain, Portugal, and Serbia. I also studied with a Serbian Gypsy-Jazz master during this time.

At 32 years old I started this site as a resource for myself and any other dedicated guitar players. I currently teach guitar lessons at Guitar Zan in Myrtle Beach, SC and also through a Skype “Guitar Mentor” program.

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