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Useful Tools: (all links open in new window)

Guitar Tuner e-Metronome Free Music Paper
Guitar Chord Analyze Scale Calculator Online “Real Book”
Learn the Guitar Neck Chord Tone Generator Enter Notes, Get Musical Key

Youtube Learning:

Teacher List a list of amazing amateur guitar teachers
Famous Help straight from the mouth of guitar legends

Chord Chart, Sheet Music, & Tab Websites:

Songsterr pretty much the “go-to” site these days
Jellynote sheet music, tabs, and chords
OLGA the site can still be used via the Wayback Machine
Chordie tabs, chords, lyrics, etc…

Learning Music:

Online Music Tools simple music theory challenges and flashcards
Musika Lessons high quality posts, explanations / diagrams FREE university-sponsored music courses
Music Theory Cheat Sheets pdf sheets to learn or brush up on your music theory
HookTheory: TheoryTab plugs music theory into songs

Interval Ear-Training:

VCU Music Theory Page songs for interval recognition
The Melody Master a great game for beginner interval training
The Music Intervals Tutor ascending and descending interval tests


r/bluesguitarist pretty much the go-to place for blues guitar
Fingerstyle Blues great website with lessons, links, and music biographies
12bar Blues Guitar website full of blues lessons and resources


Bluegrass Backing Tracks huge list of backing tracks with chord charts
Kim and Mike on the road bluegrass, old time, Celtic, blues a forum to keep up with the genre

Classical: 986 classical pieces written out in guitar tab
Fingerstyle Blues great website with lessons, links, and music biographies


Jim Lill a great teacher with modern and exciting content

Gypsy Jazz:

HotClub a step-by-step guide to the basics of gypsy jazz
Django Fakebook awesome site with all of Django Reinhardt’s work


Jens Larsen a great teacher with consistenly good content
r/JazzGuitar really nice list of instructional videos in the sidebar
TheRealBookVideos videos of tunes in the original Real Book key
JazzGuitarLessons lots of lessons, videos, and tips
MattWarnockGuitar another great site with a ton of resources transposes chords charts into any key you want

Songbooks/PDF’s for Download :

TommyEmmanuel.wordpress not just Tommy Emmanuel stuff
Jimibanez.wordpress downloadable blues/jazz/rock ebooks
Lessons that Rock tons of free pdf’s for individual artist homepage great list of free PDF’s

Other Cool Tools: (cool website which creates little practice routines for you)

Music Splitter (popular songs split up into instruments that can be turned on/off)

DeftDigits: Beginner’s Song Browser (click chords you know, get list of songs)

ChordBuff (this website generated chords for any melody you can hum/play)

Chorder (huge archive of guitar reviews)

Kennis Russell (DIY guitar fixes, gear reviews, and other videos)

400 Popular Songs to Learn on Guitar (with video lessons) by (great content and tools for musicians/songwriters)

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