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Pentatonic Scale Pentatonic Scale & the Major Triads inside it Pentatonic Scale & the Minor Triads inside it
Diatonic Scale “Scale Path” Variations Chord Harmonization (draft)

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Beginner Open Chords

Easy Two-finger Open Chords

Sweet & Simple Chord Combos

A Fingerstyle Exercise for a Better Right Hand

The Foundation = Pentatonic Scale Shapes.

Easy Melodies for Ear-Training

Your First Blues Lesson

Blues Turnaround #1

A Stronger Foundation = Diatonic Scales

Learning Your Octaves

Intro to Music Theory

Intro to Music Theory Part 2

Open String Fun in A minor

Open String Fun in D Major

Master Your Phrasing with Scale Paths

Dominant 7th Land


Jazz Starter Kit

Phrasing Practice

Scales “Outside of the Box” Part One

1 Pattern Teaches Scales, Notes, and Fingerpicking!

Modes Decoded!


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