Jazz for Absolute Beginners

Wow, I got an amazing response from my Jazz Starter Kit post! So I decided to make a “prequel” for people who may not quite be ready for those new chords, but still want to start playing Jazz.

All you need to know are your major/minor triads, dominant 7th, minor 7th, major 7th, and full diminished chords, and you can get started on the tunes below.

Important note for intermediate-level guitarist: these tunes are perfect for practicing your knowledge of chord shapes/inversions; for examples, head over to Dominant 7th Land. These easy tunes are also great practice when you are just learning to develop your own chord/bass/melody arrangements.

Bessie’s Blues bessie-me-my-gin

Blue Monk bluemonk

Bye Bye Blackbird 114024484

Equinox 51Gv3RzWyBL

Freddie the Freeloader freddie-the-freeloader-backing-track-funk

Giant Steps Coltrane_Giant_Steps

Impressions scan0001

Lady Bird hqdefault

Mr. PC The+Complete+1963+Copenhagen+Concert+JCQ_Copenhagen

Summertime ella-fitzgerald-summertime0

Tune Up 0a8ff7d86768aa121685d59f0bab01a1c9d4e1c2

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