Guitar Mentor

Think of it like a personalized guitar book that you can interact with. As your guitar mentor:

  • I will Skype with you in hour-long session
  • You tell me the song/riff/solo that you want to learn and I will search through the “close-enough” and wrong tabs and find you the correct one. And if you want to, we can discuss HOW they made that riff.
  • I will teach you music theory, chords, scales, practice routines, left and right hand technique, and anything you would like to know about guitar playing
  • I will send you personalized pdf’s for you to print out
  • I will search the internet for you and send you relevant links.
  • You will be able to email/message/quick-Skype with me 24/7 to ask or expand upon anything related to guitar.
    Send an email to if you are interested. The first Skype session is free, to meet one another, talk music, and figure out where you are with your guitar playing. Hit me up!!!

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