Learning from Guitar Legends

Learning from Guitar Legends


“Guitar Moves” with Matt Sweeney (17 vids)

“Guitar Power” with Matt Sweeney (14 vids)

“That Metal Show” by VH1 (51 vids)

“Cracking the Code” with Troy Grady (8 vids)

“Every lesson by Paul Gilbert”, playlist (100+ vids)

“Information and Inspiration” with John Mayer (9 vids)

“TED Talks” about Guitar (16 vids)

“Artist Performances, Workshops, & Webcasts” by Sweetwater (57 vids)

“Jazz Studies” at NYU Steinhardt (40 vids)

Ed Bickert Interviews (14 vids)

Compilations/VCR Stuff

Guitar Heroes by Guitar World, a huge compilation of lessons by guitar legends (3:07:07)

50 Licks Blues Style with Mat Gurman (58:32)

3 Days with Doc [Watson] (34:13)

Individual Vids

Alexi Laiho (wiki): “Young Guitar 2006” (21:26)

Allan Holdsworth (wiki): “REH Instructional” (1:12:27)

Andreas Oberg (wiki): “Major Scale Modes” (9:45)

Andy Summers (wiki): “Guitar” (1:24:07)

Andy Timmons (wiki): “Beginning Electric Guitar” (56:30); “Young Guitar” (4 parts in playlist)

B.B. King (wiki): “Blues Master” (1:20:51)

Billy Gibbons (wiki): lesson (6:05)

Brian Setzer (wiki): “The Guitar of…” (1:07:24)

Bubbles (wiki): “Liquor and @#$%!” (3:30)

Buddy Guy (wiki): “Teachin’ the Blues” (1:10:28) 

Brian May (wiki): “Star Licks” (38:58)

Carlos Cavazo (wiki): “Star Licks” (50:00)

Charlie Byrd (wiki): “Contemporary Acoustic Jazz Guitar” (1:15:21) 

Dave Matthews (wiki): on playing (2:20)

Derek Trucks (wiki): on playing (slide guitar) (12:14)

Dimebag Darrell (wiki): “Young Guitar 35th Anniversary” (19:27)

Doug Aldrich (wiki): Playlist

Eddie Van Halen (wiki): 2015 guitar Lesson (8:35)

Frank Gambale (wiki): “Monster Licks and Speed Picking” (1:04:54)

Gary Moore (wiki): blues lesson (8:15)

George Benson (wiki): “Jazz Guitar” (1:10:08)

George Lynch (wiki): “Guitar Lick” (3 parts in playlist)

Greg Howe (wiki): “Hot Rocks Licks” (56:55)

Guthrie Govan (wiki): “Professor Shred Completo” (31:34)

Jeff “Skunk” Baxter (wiki): “American Guitar Technique” (9 vids)

Joe Pass (wiki): “Jazz Lines” (46:54); “Blue Side of Jazz” (1:01:26); “Solo Jazz Guitar” (57:10)

Joe Satriani (wiki): “Private Lesson” (48:40)

Joey Taffola (wiki): “Shredding” (58:37)

Joscho Stephan (wiki): Gypsy swing guitar (1:03:23)

John Abercrombie (wiki): Jazz Guitar Improvisation (1:28:12)

John Frusciante (wiki): teaching playlist (many vids)

John Mayer (wiki): Berklee Clinic (9 vid playlist); 2nd Berklee Clinic (16 vids, audio only)

John Mclaughlin (wiki): “Jazz Guitar Technique” (1:35:20)

John Petrucci (wiki): “Rock Discipline” (1:55:47)

John Scofield (wiki): “Jazz Funk Guitar 1” (31:59); “On Improvisation” (57:36)

Johnny Hiland (wiki): “Chickin’ Pickin’ with…” (1:12:34)

Johnny Winter (wiki): blues lesson (10:11)

Kee Marcello (wiki): “REH Instructional” (50:27)

Lonnie Mack (wiki): “Acoustic Blues Hot Licks” (56:29)

Mark Knopfler (wiki): on playing (6:35); “Masterclass” (23:55)

Mark Slaughter (wiki): “Star Licks” (5 vid playlist)

Marty Friedman (wiki): guitar lesson (1:00:12)

Michael Angelo Batio (wiki): “Star Licks” (44:57)

Mundell Lowe (wiki): “Star Licks” (31:54)

Nile Rodgers (wiki): “Masterclass Paris 2010” (16:27); gigging tips (9:44)

Paul Gilbert (wiki): “Terrifying Guitar Trip” (1:16:47); “Guitars from Mars” (52:34); “Intense Rock” (58:52); “Intense Rock II” (59:26)

Paul Hanson (wiki): “Metal and Rock Improvising” (53:18)

Richie Kotzen (wiki): “Rock Chops” (55:44); “Hi Tech Guitar” (1:39:22)

Robben Ford (wiki): “Playin the Blues” (56:48); “Back to the Blues I” (1:24:34); “Back to the Blues II” (1:25:59)

Ron Thal aka Bumblefoot (wiki): Clinic at Copenhagen 2013 (58:31)

Slash (wiki): teaching playlist (many vids)

Steve Lukather (wiki): “Star Licks” (35:03)

Steve Morse (wiki): “Power Lines” (56:48)

Steve Vai (wiki): World’s Largest Online Guitar Lesson (1:05:23); Workshop Berlin 2014 (23:49); “Hot Guitar Lick” (2 parts)

Synyster Gates (wiki): Master Class (16:30) [1/4]

Ted Greene (wiki): Clinic (50:32); California May ’03; California Dec ’03; Blvd. Music Aug ’04; Musician’s Institute May ’05; On Lenny Breau

Tommy Emmanuel (wiki): “Beginning Fingerstyle” (58:29)

Tom Morello (wiki): “Tricks” (7:43); “Guitar World Lesson” (23:27)

Tony Iommi (wiki): “Star Licks (25:07)

Tony MacAlpine (wiki): “Shred Guitar” (52:52)

Trevor Rabin (wiki): “Masterclass” (54:39)

Vinnie Moore (wiki): “Speed, Accuracy, Articulation” (1:01:12)

Vinnie Vincent (wiki): “Metal Tech” (54:20)

Yngwie Malmsteen (wiki): “How to Play Fast” (9:43)

Zakk Wylde (wiki): “Pentatonic Hardcore” (57:01); shredding lesson (6:17)

**BONUS VIDEO**: John Petrucci Psycho Exercises!!! (because we all need a good laugh sometimes)



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