Backing Tracks: Modes

Backing Tracks: Modes

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Ionian Mode

see Backing Tracks: Common – Major


Dorian Mode

C Dorian Mode Smooth Funk [guitarbackingtracks4]

D Dorian Mode Sad Ballad [guitarbackingtracks4]

F Dorian Mode Groove [Quist]

G Dorian Mode Groovy [Quist]

G Dorian Mode Jam Track [Tom Strahle]

A Dorian Mode Groove [Quist]

A Dorian Mode Epic Acoustic [Quist]

A Dorian Mode Jam Track – So Chic [Rowan J Parker]

A Dorian Mode Rock Ballad [guitarbackingtracks4]

A Dorian Mode Relaxed Acoustic [guitarbackingtracks4]

B Dorian Mode Funky Groove Jam Track [Quist]

B Dorian Mode – Groovy Backing Track! [Quist]


Phrygian Mode

C Phrygian Mode Groove [Quist]

C# Phrygian Mode Spanish Vibe [Quist]

D Phrygian Mode Psychedelic [Now You Shred] 

E Phrygian Mode [guitarbackingtracks4]

F Phrygian Mode Hip Hop [YT Jam Tracks]

F# Phrygian Mode Heavy [Backing Track]

G Phrygian Mode Minimal [Tom Strahle]

G# Phrygian Mode Chord Changes [Effective Music Practice]

A Phrygian Mode Funk Style [Vito Astone Music]

B Phrygian Mode Metal [Metal Guitar Stuff]


Lydian Mode

B Lydian Mode [Dan Nobles]

C Lydian Mode Groovy [Quist]

C# Lydian Mode Two Chord Vamp [Allan Haapalainen]

D Lydian Mode Frank Zappa, Steve Vai, Satch [Quist]

D Lydian Mode J.M.A. [Rowan J Parker]

Eb Lydian Mode Smooth Jazz [Playback Guitar]

E Lydian Mode Psychedelic [Now You Shred]

F Lydian Mode Groovy Cruisin’ [Quist]

G Lydian Mode Jam Track [Tom Strahle]


Mixolydian Mode

C Mixolydian Mode Guitar Backing Track [Quist]

C Mixolydian Mode Emotional Acoustic Ballad [guitarbackingtracks4]

D Mixolydian Mode Rock [Guitar Playbacks]

Eb Mixolydian Mode Psychedelic [Will Resin]

E Mixolydian Mode Majestic Mood [Quist]

F Mixolydian Mode Jazzy Guitar [TomBaileyMusic]

F# Mixolydian Mode Long Funky [Fusion Jam]

G Mixolydian Mode Groovin’ [Quist]

G Mixolydian Mode Jam Track [Tom Strahle]

A Mixolydian Mode Mixin’ It Up [Rowan J Parker]


Aeolian Mode

see Backing Tracks: Common – Minor


Locrian Mode

G Locrian Jam Track [Tom Strahle]

G# Locrian Mode Dark Groove Backing Track [Quist]

B Locrian Mode Backing Track (from Groovin’ Through The Modes) [Quist]


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