Backing Tracks: Common

Backing Tracks: Common

Major Key (also known as Ionian Mode)

C Ionian Sea [Rowan J Parker]

C Rock Pop [Guitars Playbacks]

C Rock [Phil Lewis Guitar]

D Rock (Pachelbels Canon) [Phil Lewis Guitar]

E Andy Timmons Style [MyDarnJamTracks]

G Smooth Groove [Quist]

G Joe Satriani Style [PlayLicksNow]

G Jam [Tom Strahle]

A Happy Groove [Quist]

A Chill Soulful Groove [Elevated Jam Tracks] (long 11+ min) (chord chart)


Minor Key (also known as Aeolian Mode)

C min Funk Fusion [JamTracksChannel]

C min The Tower Jam [Rowan J Parker]

C#min Smooth R&B [YT Jam Tracks]

C#min John Mayer Style [Your Guitar Academy]

E min 80’s Rock [YT Jam Tracks]

E min Emo Rock [Chusss Music]

E min Trip Hop [Quist] (long 13+ min)

E min Smooth Jazz [Chusss Music] (long 10+ min) (chords/scale charts)

G min Jam [Tom Strahle]

G# min The Infinite [Rowan J Parker]

A min Easy Groove [Sebastien Zunino]

A min Dreamy Rock Ballad [Dopez Tracks]

A min Acid Jazz Funk [Benjamin Harrison]

A min Groovy! [Quist]

A min Melodious Rock [Masanoriutsumi]

A min Energy Hard Rock Metal [Nick Neblo] [Chords]

B min Crazy Funk [BackingTrackWorld]



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