Backing Tracks: Common

Backing Tracks: Common

Major Key (also known as Ionian Mode)

[C] Ionian Sea – C Ionian Jam Track [Rowan J Parker]

[C] Rock Backing Track In C Major [Phil Lewis Guitar]

[D] Rock Backing Track In D Major (Pachelbels Canon) [Phil Lewis Guitar]

G Major Scale (Ionian Mode) – Smooth Groove Backing Track! [Quist]

G Ionian(major) Jam Track [Tom Strahle]

A Major (Ionian Mode) – Happy Groove Backing Track! [Quist]


Minor Key (also known as Aeolian Mode)

[C] The Tower – C Aeolian Jam Track [Rowan J Parker]

G Aeolian (Minor) Jam Track [Tom Strahle]

G# Aeolian Backing Track – The Infinite [Rowan J Parker]

A Minor Scale (Aeolian Mode) Backing Track – Groovy! [Quist]




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