Backing Tracks: Blues

Backing Tracks: Blues

I-IV-V (12-bar Blues)

[E] Slow Blues [Quist] (long: 12+ min)

[E] Johnny Winter – Elmore James style [JamAlongTracks]

[E] Shuffle [BackingTrackTV] (chord change animations)

[E] Texas Shuffle [BackingTrackTV] (chord change animations)

[E] Blues (90bpm) [Ell”eminem”Sw]

[E] Chicago Blues [Danny’s Guitar Channel]

[E] Detroit Blues Boogie [ZenMusicUK]

[E] Chicago Blues [SkylarkBackingTracks]

[E] Shuffle [JonhallMusic]

[E] Boogie [JamTracksChannel]

[E] Smooth [FooTracks] (organ)

[E] Rockabilly [Backing Tracks]


[F] Swing Blues [Guitnotes]

[F] Medium Tempo [Cliff Smith] (chord chart)

[F] Chicago Blues [Quist] (long 10 min+)


[G] Shuffle Blues [Guitare Improvisation] (chord change animations)

[G] Buddy Guy Style [Quist]

[G] Backing Track Blues [Mr.Yae]

[G] Gorgeous Blues [Masanoriutsumi]

[G] Chicago Style [Quist] (long 12+ min)

[G] Rock & Roll Blues [Smz Guitar]

[G] Easy Shuffle [Quist] (long 9+ min)


[A] Blues [Kennis Russell]

[A] Slow Blues [LearningGuitarNow]

[A] Funky Organ Blues [JamAlongTracks]

[A] Country Fast Blues [Richard W]

[A] Shuffle [LearningGuitarNow]

[A] Clapton Style Shuffle [Quist]

[A] Stevie Ray Vaughn Shuffle [BluesTracks]

[A] Very Slow Hendrix Style [Now You Shred] (long 12+ min)

[A] Fast Blues [VODJams]


[Bb] Blues [GuitarShed]

[Bb] Fast Blues [Cliff Smith]

[Bb] Funky Blues [Ricard Bennett]

[Bb] Funky Blues [BluesBackingTrack]

[Bb] Real Slow Blues [RandomJammer]

[Bb] Slow Blues (long) [TusClasesDeGuitarra]


[C] Boogie Woogie [Maximo Spodek]


Minor Blues

[Bm] Minor Blues [Quist] (long) (chord chart)

[Bm] Slow Minor Blues [JamTracksChannel]

[Bm] Thrill is Gone [Mostafa Moftah]

[Bm] Thrill is Gone [attituderoyale]

[Bm] Thrill is Gone [RandyMartinGuitar] (chord chart)


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