Backing Track Channels

Backing Tracks Channels

QuistJams (Holy Grail of Jam Tracks!!!)

NowYouShred (solo suggestions on the screen, great for learning!)

Matt Stotman (lots of genres, even punk backing tracks!) (exactly what the name implies)

Daily Backing Tracks (great mix of genres, chords/scales in description)

BackingTrackWorld (lots of genres, even metal backing tracks!)

JamTracksChannel (lots of genres)

Abdobicas (acoustic, latin rhythms)(with chord charts)

Kennis Russell (blues, rock, jazz)(with chord charts)

Ex3vious (blues, jazz, metal)

130Grit (lots of genres)(chords in description)

Scratch Track Productions (rock)

Ralph Patt’s Jazz Web Page (jazz)

Learn Jazz Standards (jazz)

Learning Guitar Now (blues)

Masanoriutsumi (blues, rock, jazz, pop)(with chord charts)

FooTracks (jazz)(with chords)

RandyMartinGuitar (with chords)

The Flatpick Apprentice (single tracks, many speeds)

John Paul Hill (gypsy jazz)(with chord charts)

Carl Roa (modes, jazz, rock, gypsy jazz)

Spiffing Tunes (jazz)(with full sheet music)

GB Quartet (gypsy jazz)(with chord charts)

Sean Armitage Music (up-in-coming channel covering different genres)

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