How do I make my own guitar practice routine? I want to get more serious about playing. I have about an hour a day.

These are the elements that should be a part of any practice routine. Some will be repetitive and end up in more than one category:

Warm Up:
Stretching hand/wrist/fingers before practice
Left hand warm-up exercises like “Spider” or chromatic scale

Fretboard Mastery:
-Pentatonic/Diatonic scales
-Playing by interval/octaves
-Learning note names, first on E,A,& D string
-Playing by ear
-Learn a new exotic scale

Muscle Memory:
-Scale patterns
-Note pattern exercises

Finger Stretching:
-Stretch Riffs
-Stretch Chords
-Picking a hard chord and moving it fret by fret (from the 12th to the 1st)

-Learning to use your right hand fingers
-“Harp style” – thumb on bass strings, index on G, middle on B, ring on E
-Alternating bass with the thumb
-Hybrid picking: pick and your fingers

-Learning new chords, always learn at least one with root on E string, one with root on A string, one with root on D string
-Learning the same chords in different positions
-Chord inversions
-Switching back and forth between chords
-Making up your own chord progressions by using chord harmonization rules
-Making up your own chord progressions that break established “rules”

-Using a metronome

Lead Playing:
-Playing over one chord
-Playing over chord changes: backing tracks
-Learning new techniques
-Singing the notes while you play them

Improv Practice:
-Memorization, playing the same improvised notes the same way
-Playing through chord charts you have never seen before

Rhythm Playing:
-Playing different rhythms over a metronome/drum-track
-Adding bass lines to your chord changes

Playing Songs:
-Learn the songs you love!
-Transposing the song into different keys (without capo)
-Playing and singing at the same time

Learning from the Licks of others: (horrible title)
-Millions of licks online through tab, youtube, etc…

-Playing your guitar by distance and feel (without looking at it)

Without the Guitar:
-Triad note memorization
-Scales on paper
-Learning about music theory

I will add more as I think about it but this should be a good start!